Phira Phonruewiangphing / Whether you use it, own it, or are against the movement entirely, cryptocurrency has become omnipresent in the global mainstream consciousness thanks to its rapid and widespread adoption. But new data has indicated a lot of people are still unfamiliar with crypto — yet willing to learn. See: Coinbase Slashes 18% of Workforce — Experts Debate Safety of Investments Compare: Should You Invest in the Metaverse, Crypto or the Stock Market? The study, conducted by, analyzed which questions about cryptos are the most asked on the web, based on search levels for keywords such as “crypto” and “cryptocurrency.” CRYPTO OFFER: Buy Bitcoin and crypto instantly! Sign up for Gemini Crypto Exchange and start investing with as little as $100 today. A spokesperson for CryptoWallet told GOBankingRates that it is fascinating to see how much people still do not know about crypto, but also how much they’re willing to learn about it. “Nowadays, crypto is a topic which everybody has heard about at least once, even if most people might not really know what it means,” the spokesperson said. “There’s skepticism, with many unsure about how crypto operates. While in reality, major famous brands such as Gucci have started taking crypto payments to experiment in the market. And because of these changes, the public opinion has begun to shift, making them wonder what else there is to this phenomenon which seems to be taking the world by storm.” “What is cryptocurrency” and “what is crypto” were by far the most asked questions, the data showed. So let’s dive deeper into those inquires: What Is Cryptocurrency? CryptoWallet explained that crypto is decentralized digital money that’s based on blockchain technology, “which simply means that there is no authority regulating and managing its value, making it different to fiat currency such as pounds or dollars. Its transactions are registered on an open ledger that records transaction codes and is distributed across computers around the world ( definition of a blockchain ).” How Do You Buy Cryptocurrency? Another top search regarding crypto was “how to buy cryptocurrency,” the study revealed. “This is the second question a person might want to ask after understanding what crypto is,” the spokesperson said. “This might be because of genuine interest in the matter and a plan to actually invest, or because they are delving deeper after the first question in search of more […]

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